Selected books and papers by Paul Niquette
Chapters in the Sky: Adventures in personal aviation
Descriptive Glossary: The language of flying and fliers
Squawk 1200: A history of the next midair collision
Collision Evasion System: Challenging wishful thinking about collision avoidance systems
Position and Hold: Time is not of the essence.
The Clock Won't Wait: One and only position report.
Here Comes the Sun: Only one star in the daytime.
Landfall Navigating: Remove an ambiguous decision.
Live Reckoning: If not by stars then by radio.
Point of No Return: Deciding when there is no decision.
Simplexity Aloft: A dozen critical issues.
Gathering Range: Direction finding has its limits.
Shoot the Moon: A celestial body that was not seen.
Wages of Flight: Expenditures for staying aloft not speed.
Which Way, Amelia? Solution to the biggest aviation mystery in history.
Wind Circle: An asymmetrical reciprocity.
Green Flight: Minimizing carbon footprint for getting there 
World's Fastest Airliner: There were two and they were rivals.
Cleared to Land: Fuel exhaustion by the clock
Pilot's Nightmare: Turning back -- or not turning back
Sloping in the Dark: Realities of the "Black Hole Approach"
Circling: Ground and Sky: Airplanes and bicycles have something in common.
What the Wild Goose Knows: Aerodynamics is for the birds
Santa Monica Omni: A life changing experience aloft.

Smart Sensor Networks in Railway Vehicles: Paper for IEEE/NIST Smart Sensor Conference, 1994
Transaction-Based Monitoring Systems: Third Generation in diagnostic hardware and software
Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes: Breakthrough in the technology of the world's railroads
Current Hogging as a Factor in Loss-of-Shunt: A study of the most subtle problem in automatic train control
Confusion-Free Codes: Not to be confused with "Comma-Free Codes."
Unique Photograph of a BART Train: Two cars in earliest operations.
Streetcar Mystery: Headway vs leeway
Headway vs Leeway: Convenience trumps annoyance -- for now.
Train Speed: Keeping time in the numerator
Trail Braking: Safe following distance
Station Stop: Dispelling a myth about headway
Trip Time: Figuring out how fast trains really travel.
Express vs Local: Who really benefits from express service?
World's Fastest Train: For sure, but how fast really?
Fast Track: Superelevation and Tilt Technology.
Pantograph Design: Improving those contraptions on the roof.
Single Tracking: Practical approach to a common commuting complant.
Metrum Asinorum: Making trains fit the tracks 
Managing Headways in Single-Track Emergencies: Optimizing  trip-time and headway.
Engineered Automobile Crashes: First published paper on automobile crash injury research, 1954
Historic Car Crash: Figuring out the time of maximum crush-in volume.
To Brake or Not to Brake: Coasting toward better mileage
Carbon Footprint: Electric cars can be culprits depending on the local source of power.

The Bourke Engine: Specific horsepower is the whole game
World's Fastest Dragster: Acceleration trumps speed at the quarter-mile point.
Five Axles: Mystery of differences in highway damage on two continents
Unsprung Secrets: Discovered explanation for pavement damage by trucks
Density Lock: A counter-intuitive proposal for preventing traffic jams.
Space Technology
Aurora Borealis  An amazing photograph no matter how you look at it.
Astrogating Asteroids Discovery for avoiding a collision course with Planet Earth
Barycenterfold  Object lesson provides perspective on solar system dimensions.
Corner-Cube   Good enough may not always be better than best.
Ellipse Illusion  Ellipse in a cylinder is intuitive, but in a cone, not so much.
Martian Microbe  Exciting discrepancy in genetic codes. 
Measuring the Moon  A penny for your perspective.
Mystery Orbit  Space invention in search of a necessity.
Orbital Deflection  Invention for the deflection of a threatening asteroid
Prepositions in Space Which way is 'up' and how long until 'next'?
Rock from the Sky  Strategem for avoiding collision with a Near Earth Object (NEO)
To Billow or Not to Billow  Cloudy evidence for Dark Matter in space.
Trampoline Deorbiting System  Satellite with sacrificial derelict capturing mechanism.
Trappist Orbits  Seven exo-planets in harmonious stability.
What Goes Around  Figuring out arrival times at an orbital intersection.
Softword: Provenance for the word 'software'
Software Does Not Fail: Exploding popular myths and exploring technical realities in the Software Age
Mukashi: Memories in machines and elsewhere
What's Not in a Name: Technology neglects terminology


101 Words I Don't Use: Natural Selection applied to language
The A-Word: Volition's personal hiding place
Be-Free English: Volition's linguistic hiding place
Eleemosynary: How to select a candidate
Elegancelessness: A festival of self-references
Factoid: Respect for facts, large and small
Figures of Speech: Somebody has too much spare time
Ground Rules: English is a game of inches
The H-Word: A scaffold for misunderstanding
Ignominy: English is a game without rules
Leverage: A technical word sullied by greed.
The N-Word: A linguistic event, as sudden as curious
Paradigm Shift: Valuable coinage squandered on pretentions
Pluplural: Wisdom discovered in primitive thoughts.
Run vs Set: Meanings lost in too many meanings
Syllables of Recorded Time: Every word has too lengths
Techie Talk: Technology's expressions in the language of society.
Tridecabillion: Naming numbers of any length
The Velar Stops Here: A billion-dollar idea that nobody wants
French Nouns: Monograph on statistical properties of gender selection
Discovering Assumptions: Powerful tool for innovation
Deniability: A most iniquitous -- wicked -- public policy
Dyskeptia: When reality is not good enough
Effect and Cause: Wind does not blow where it listeth.
The Grumble Factor: Waiting for elevators and trains
Humbug: The most iniquitous movie ever made
The Moon Illusion: Natural Selection at work
Twelve Happens: Parenting by the numbers
The Stress Interview: Don't try this as home.
Constitution for Iraq: America's most valuable gift to the Middle East
Why do old men snore?  Four answers to the why question
101 Doozies I've Met Extraordinary Persons Filtered by Memorabiliy 
A Certain Bicyclist: An offbeat guide to the Post Petroleum Age
The Future is Not What it Used to Be: Speech to the Intercollegiate Honors Convention, 1988
The Rational Process: Seven steps for solving problems.
Corner-Cube: Space Age experiment that did not work.
The Puzzle as a Literary Genre: Converting readers into solvers while exploiting transclusion.

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